Emmy St. Claire

Vancouver's Girlfriend Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you independent or is this an escort agency?

   I'm 100% independent and have never been affiliated with an agency. I don't have a booking agent, a receptionist, or a handler. I'm the only person answering your emails and phone calls, and I take your privacy very seriously!

Is this safe? How do I know you're real? Can I trust you with my personal information?

    I am a very well-established companion in Vancouver with years of consistently glowing reviews on all major review sites, and a well-deserved reputation for being professional and discreet (Google my name if you don't believe me!)

Are your photos accurate?

     Yes. I don't alter my photos at all, other than to crop them or to cover the face. You can see lots of selfie pictures and video clips on my Twitter page

What if I can't put down a deposit?

     I offer 3 different discreet (and easy!) methods for the deposit, so if none of these work for you, I unfortunately won't be able to book the appointment. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Do you have shower facilities for me to use?

   Yes, absolutely! I have a well- stocked bathroom with lots of fluffy towels and plenty of personal toiletries for you to use (including unscented products). Your shower time is always "off-the-clock", so you can take as long as you need to get clean and comfortable!

I'm over age 55 / over 250 lbs - can I still see you?

   Unfortunately I don't make exceptions to my restrictions, however there are hundreds of lovely ladies in Vancouver who would be delighted to entertain you!

Can I bring something for you to wear?

   Absolutely! My measurements are 34-24-34.  I'm a US clothing size 0-2, dress size 4 (generally a size small or extra small) and a US shoe size 8. "One-size-fits-all" novelty lingerie will usually be too big for me.

Can I bring us something to drink?

  Yes please! My favourites are Marlborough region sauvignon blancs (Oyster Bay, Kim Crawford, Spy Valley), Villa Teresa Rose Veneto, Taittinger Brut Champagne, and any light VQA pinot noir or gamay noir  I am not a fan of heavy reds or sweet whites.

Can I bring you flowers or a gift? 

   I really love receiving gifts, but in the interest of keeping my incall discreet, I ask that you please don't arrive openly carrying flowers or anything else that might hint to the nature of our meeting. If you are arriving with wine or a gift, I greatly appreciate you bringing it in a discreet, nondescript bag. Thank you!

What kinds of gifts do you like to receive?

    While gifts are never expected, I always love having something that we can enjoy together, such as lingerie/stockings, massage oils, scented candles, champagne, and fresh fruit! I also greatly appreciate gift certificates to Chapters Indigo, ToeToSoul, and Mountain Equipment Co-op. Please no gifts with leather, fur, or feathers, thank you :)

Is it okay if I wear cologne?

   Yes please, I absolutely LOVE the smell of a sexy cologne on a man

Can I make a special request for our time together?

     Absolutely! During the booking process, please feel free to let me know if there is anything specific you'd like. Let me know at any time what I can do to make you more comfortable.

Can I write a review of our time together?

      Yes please, I love tasteful reviews! 

Is it okay if I use you as a reference in the future?

    Unfortunately due to multiple experiences, I no longer feel comfortable vouching for anyone's safety with other providers. Thank you for your understanding!

Do you tour? Are you available to meet in other cities?

       I am only available in Vancouver, B.C.



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